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What to do in case of fire

PLEASE Go over the following rules with all occupants of your cottage especially children.


• Don't panic; stay calm. Your safe escape may depend on thinking clearly.
• If the fire is small and it is safe to tackle it then put it out.
• Notify every occupant in your cottage of the fire.
• Get out of the cottage as quickly as possible. All cottages have at least two final exit doors and the two storey cottages have escape windows on the first floor. Associate yourself with these escape routes.
• Do not stop to collect anything or to get dressed.
• Feel the doors to see if they are hot. If they are not, open them carefully.
• Do not open a door if it is hot. Use an alternate escape route.
• Stay close to the floor. Smoke and hot gases rise.
• Cover your nose and mouth with a cloth. (Wet it if possible.) Take short, shallow breaths.
• Keep doors and windows closed. Open them only if you have to in order to escape.
• Meet at your planned meeting place after leaving the cottage, we would suggest the gravel area to the front of the cottages. Carry out a headcount.
• Call the Fire Brigade on 999 as soon as possible from outside your cottage.
• Give the address
Westfield Farm Cottages
LN11 8SD

• Alert the owners on 01507 354892 or 07885 280787
• Do your best to alert all other guests staying in adjoining cottages.
• Never go back inside a burning building.

Take steps to reduce the chances that fires will start in your cottage in the first place.
The main causes of fire in domestic properties are deep fat fryers, candles / tea lights and smoking. Your conditions of hire do not permit any of these in the cottages.
One of the other main causes is children. Make sure you keep matches or lighters out of reach, children find them fascinating, and have been known to take them to bed to play with them!



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LN11 8SD
01507 354892
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